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Numero Uno

YESSIRRR, you know who it's Rich Jones here on these blog streets (why did I say that) & I wanna personally welcome you to the DEBUT entry of 'The UnCancelled Podcast' Blog!

It's been a longgg ass time coming but I really made it y'all! Finally getting back to writing these thoughts/words down+sharing em with my people?...ain't nothing like it & I'm back in my element, ya dig?!

To our loyal listeners...WE LOVE Y'ALL! You hold us down every damn week with so much love (and downloads, hehe) & you have no idea what that means to Paul & I for this little podcast that could!

Not to get too intense (cause you already know I'd take it there eventually, lol)...but overall this podcast experience has served as a tremendous light in my life in 2018. Personally, this year started off kinda rough and really had me doubting myself+my purpose...then life made a 180° turn and I've never looked back. I'm happy to report that I'm the best I've been in the longest time. Spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, etc....I'm finally back to the Rich Jones y'all came to know...and hopefully love :)...and I gotta thank my family/friends for making this possible. They really came through in the clutch during this time to hold me down unconditionally and I'll never forget with y'all did for me! :)

To my Parents+Deanna+Eucharia...ain't no words man....your family should ALWAYS keep it real with you and fortunately mine's did exactly help remind me of my value, who I am and the impeccable lineage that I come from...and life couldn't be more fruitful...Blessings fam! :)

My homies? Y'all know who you are...I could do a shoutout list but nah, we might be here for a while, lol!

Last but not least, I gotta shout out my co-host, the Homie...the Man, the Myth, the Muthafuckin Legend himself - Paul B - for collaborating with me on this amazing journey with 'The UnCancelled Podcast'. He's a dope ass comic, brother, cousin, doggfather (shout out to Avocado!), uncle, fiancé (shoutout to Jess!), future pops, co-host (of course), etc....and most importantly, a dope ass friend! Paul, I preciate ya dogg and lets keep this thing rockin for the culture!!!

So, like the legend Kendrick Lamar Duckworth once said to Paul and I after his Osheaga Festival set in 2012, I Will Be Back!'.

Peace, Love & Happiness Y'all :)

Rich Jones
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